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Descrizione prodotto


Presentiamo la rotativa a penna marca EZ.
Silenziosissima, duratura e stabile. Questa rotativa è stata creata unicamente per essere utilizzata con il sistema Cartridge.

Prodotta in alluminio aeronautico, è estremamente leggera.
– Dimensioni: diametro 27,7mm e lunghezza 116,5mm
– Voltaggio di lavoro: 7-15 V Dc
– Frequenza: 55-165 Hz
– Escursione Ago: 0-4,5mm
– Connecssione: 3,5mm DC Jack plug

La EZ-FilterPen è stata realizzata in collaborazione con Mr.Luo noto tatuatore e produttore di Macchinette a Bobina ma profondo esperto e conoscitore delle varie esigenze dei vari operanti nel settore.

One thing you must know about choosing a tattoo machine is what specific needs will you have, such as shading, soft shading, solid coloring, tribal black work or lining.

Just like a painter who has many different brushes for different purposes, so should a top professional tattoo artist have different tattoo machines with different settings for different purposes. True top artist know the value of having different real good tattoo machines.

Mistakes to avoid because it is a long road to the top and looking for short cuts is just a waist of your time. What beginners do specially at the beginning when funds are an issue, when money is short in the pockets – they look to buy a Hybrid tattoo machine who will do all the jobs. This is a pitfall because you will loose your money and your time, and the quality of your work will not improve by the same token.

Because a liner machine as a specific set up such as gap, springs length and tension, speed,  that will be specially tuned to line. A shader on the other hand, has a specific set up such gap, springs length and tension and speed – that will be specially tuned to shade.  Both machines are different though they look alike they are not. They have 2 different functions, if you try to shade with a liner, you will most probably damage the skin because the machine will be running to fast �doing burger�, and damage the machine because of the needles configuration being to big for the liner the machine coils will overheat; and the contact screw will were out faster – you will end up with an erratic running machine. It’s hard to explain to somebody how the ocean looks likes and feels like, unless you are there physically. The best way is you can see it and experience it. My advise is – if your aim is to become a true honest involved tattoo artist, try to understand this “do not take short cut and go for the best” in the end you will be the winner and your work will speak for itself.