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by Paulo Cruzes

Hybrid Machine


The latest model of the Sayaka, July 2015.

The Sayaka Rotary Tattoo Machine Story Started in 2012, the first model was launched in 2012 and it was an instant classic tattoo machine, it was upgraded more than 20 times since, and it is just perfect now. The body case is CNC accurately engineered, mounted with a Japanese 15V Kami motor, it has a 4mm stroke, It has dual connections, clip cord and RCA.

The new Sayaka has new future:

– 5w 12 volts Nichibo motor, new motor, stronger & more efficient than the previous model.
– aluminum frame to keep it light weight.
– 2 connection: RCA & Clip, RCA high quality Gold plated.
– 3.5mm Stroke.

No need of elastic bands, has the needle tension-er build in the frame: it that gives precise control over the needle.
Has a beautiful Asanoha pattern engraved.
Runs at a very low voltage with a strong torque, a very versatile machine that can line and shade, all you need is play with the voltage on your power supply.

This beautifully designed and finished rotary tattoo machine is really something special, lightweight, slick design, precision rotary movement and smooth.


This model is used for Lining and Shading, it is a true classic rotary tattoo machine.